Everything you find here has been either painted, photographed, designed or sculpted by me. If you're looking for my Store, Toys and other Craziness you can head on over to 481universe You can also click anywhere on this message to remove it.

About Me

Nicholas Merz was born on a small island off the coast of New York on the last day of November back in the mid eighties. The boy grew, "matured" and found himself falling head first down the path of art and creation. He shortened his birth name to Ni, using it as both a nickname and his artist's handle.

Ni dabbles in a wide variety of artistic mediums, ranging from sculpting and painting all the way to digital art and advertising which he has an almost completely useless degree in.

He's almost completely self taught in every aspect of his technical artistic life. Sculpting, Photoshop, Painting, Mold making, Urethane Casting, Photography, Sketching, Web coding, etc.

About the dream

Ni has dreamt all his life to be a "toy maker" it's actually been a rather unhealthy addiction. It has however lead him to all sorts of extraordinary things in a very short time, from debuting at multiple Comic Cons, to meeting and forging friendships with toy gurus around the world and even to having some of his figures produced overseas.